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Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Review of Moo.com Business Cards

'She Loves Me'          12 x 16         pastel         ©Karen Margulis
purchase painting here $175
Do you have business cards?  If you are an artist you should have them and keep them handy.  It doesn't matter if you are a professional artist or just paint as a hobby, a business card connects you to both collectors and other artists. How many times have you been at an art event and met people you would like to remember?  Those are the times that exchanging business cards would be helpful.

If you are selling your work then a good business card is essential. You want to share your card with collectors and potential collectors. But here's an important consideration:

You need a card that people will KEEP.  If they toss it, they won't remember you or won't be able to get in contact with you.

When I exchanged cards with fellow artist Denise Rose, I was impressed. Her card is like a little work of art and I keep it on display. I had to have some cards like that!  (thanks Denise!)
I just received my batch of cards from Moo.com and I am thrilled.

My new business cards form Moo.com
I love Moo.com.  I have had some of their mini moo cards and stickers made in the past and love them. Their service is fantastic and it is so easy to design cards. So I was already familiar with the company.  I had not considered them for my full size business cards.  I have been using Vista Print which I feel is an excellent value. I have been happy with my cards from Vista Print. But when I saw Denise's card and felt the weight and quality of the Moo cards I was sold.

Yes they are a bit more expensive than Vista Print. But if you want a card that people will KEEP it is well worth the extra cost.

My new cards!

The great thing about the Moo business card is the ability to have up to 50 different images printed in the same batch of cards....in full color and front and back! With Vista Print I could only have one image for the entire batch of cards.  I chose to have rounded corners for a small extra charge and I like how they look.  Here is some more information taken from the moo.com website:

"Handing out a business card is often the first impression people take of your business, so you need to get it right. Using your own photography or artwork to create custom business cards can help, and MOO makes the process easy with our simple online tools and templates.

Our Business Cards are double sided, printed in full colour at no extra cost, and available in short print runs. There's a choice of premium paper for Business Cards too: As well as sustainably sourced Gloss, you can choose 100% recycled with a light satin finish or sustainably sourced, with a smooth matte laminate."
If you are ready to upgrade your current business card or need to get some for the first time consider Moo.com.  You can follow this link to start creating your own cards. http://www.moo.com/share/wgf6bt


Denise Rose said...

Yay! So glad you got some! I love mine and people love being able to pick the one they like when I get them out. And, like you said, they are more likely to keep something as nice as these are. Plus, I LOVE being able to put many different images on them and not have a separate "upload charge" like so many of the other companies do.

Barbara Smeaton Studio said...

Love your work and you are one of the artists who inspired me to pick up pastels a couple years ago.

Very nice business cards will have to check out the site if I should need new ones too eventually.

Susan Williamson said...

The cards on your post look wonderful, due in no small part to your beautiful paintings! Since my primary subject matter is cows, doing business with this company is just about imperative. Thanks for the tip.

Charlotte Herczfeld said...

Karen, thank you for your review, it will help me make up my mind. I've been eyeing them online, but so far stayed with the other company you mentioned. I like the rounded corners on the Moos. You mentioned the tactile quality, and I think that is an important aspect of the artist's brand.


Karen said...

Thank you all for your comments. Charlie, thank you for bringing up the tactile quality as this os one of the things I was most impressed with. The cards just feel so much more substantial than the other company's cards. They feel like something too nice to throw out! :)

Lynn Norton said...

I have used MOO in the UK for a couple of years. What I love, as you say, is the ability to have quite a number of different pictures within the same batch. This makes the company great for artists and photographers, as they can effectively show part of their portfolio. Yours look great. By the way - thank you again for such an informative blog. I love reading it and have learnt so much, so much appreciated. Lynn

Corinne Murphy said...

Karen, I love yor cards and went to the Moo site only to find a huge selection of styles. May I ask which style you used to create your cards?

Karen said...

Corinne, I used the 'design your own' option. It is very easy to floow and all you do is upload images for the from, click to flip to the back and fill in your information. Yo can also add an image to the back. Good luck!!

Sarah Bachhuber Peroutka said...

My order of "Design Your Own" Moo cards just arrived today and I'm thrilled by how they turned out! With 50 different images on the reverse side they're great for showing people the range of my work. Thanks for the suggestion.

Jack said...

The cards on your post look wonderful, due in no small part to your beautiful paintings! all design are great.these attractive design is so pleasing to the eyes as a beautiful concert is to the ears. Since my primary subject matter is cows, doing business with this company is just about imperative. Thanks for the tip. It is very helpful for me. You can also visit this site to know about photo retouching and image editing