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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Liz Haywood-Sullivan Workshop Report Day 2

'LowCountry Life'. 12x18. Pastel

The paintings were wonderful! Everyone kicked it up a notch and did some beautiful work. I have to thank Liz for her excellent instruction and demo. She broke down the steps of painting water into an easy to understand process that she calls the Layers of Transparency. I appreciate how she responded to the needs of the class by calling attention to various tips and mini lessons throughout the day as we painted. At the end of day critique it was obvious that the lessons were making an impression!

We had to choose references that had water with ripples or movement. This helped with getting the idea of painting water from the bottom up which is also how I paint wildflowers! We began with wet under paintings (alcohol or water washes) then added the ripples or current lines then added the sparkles or whitewater. Here is my first painting.

'Down in the Marsh'. 12x18. Pastel

I did three paintings today. I tend to paint fast so sometimes it is challenging in a workshop because I feel like I should be slowing down. When I do I often overwork or second guess my intuition. Today I just let myself go and paint at my own usual pace. At critique there were a few other artists who also had their paintings come together quickly. I appreciated hearing Liz say that a good painting doesn't have to take a long time. I would much rather learn from doing several paintings than trying to work on just one and overworking it because there is time left in the class.

Tomorrow is the last day of the workshop and we will combine sky with reflections in the water.... Putting what we have learned together! I wish this was a week long workshop! Liz has so much to share!



Susan Williamson said...

I can see that Liz's workshop has had an influence on your work. Your paintings are more amazing than ever! She will definitely be on my list of workshops to take in the future.
Thank you again for sharing.

BJR said...

Wow!! What a painting. It "sings"!I love it!!