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Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Best Tool For Traveling Artists

'Caribbean Blues'              8x10            pastel          ©Karen Margulis
painting available on Etsy $125
Checklists are critical. They help me stay organized. They help me plan. They help me prioritize my day so I can be productive.  I especially rely on my checklists when I am going on a trip. It doesn't matter if it is a dedicated panting trip , the lists help me remember all the stuff I need to do and bring with me.

Every time I make a new trip to do and packing list I tell myself I should type it up and save it for the next trip. I am a pen and paper person so I like to write out my lists. So I never save them and I have to start all over again every time I travel.

This time I gave in to technology....surely there is a packing app for my iPhone?  Of course! There are many. I just needed to choose one!

I chose the app TRIP LIST by Enabled Apps (free version). It was mentioned in a recent issue of Travel and Leisure magazine so I gave it a try last night.

'In the Shade'           8x10        pastel   $125
Wow! I had so much fun making my packing list for my trip to Lake Tahoe this week. It was easy to start the list using the built in catalog of items that I might need. The catalog is divided into usual categories such as clothes, medicine, toiletries, outdoors as well as a to-do list. But what I loved about the app is that I could edit the items, add items, add details about the items and even add new categories.

If you are an artist and want to paint or do art while traveling then you need to have a additional items to pack. This app allows us to create categories for our art supplies and add these items to our packing lists.  With the Pro edition you can make and save lists as templates and then for each new trip you can adjust the items you want on the list. Now there is no excuse for forgetting an important supply....it's on the list!

 The app has other helpful features:
  • Unlimited number of packing lists or check lists. Besides a packing list, you can also make checklists of things to do before a trip or even shopping lists.
  • The app allows you to set reminders and alarms...for example why not set a reminder to check-in online for your flight?
  • You can check off items as you pack them so only what you need will show (so much nicer than a messy written list)
I am giving this app a bigs thumbs up. I consider a checklist an important part of a successful painting trip. This app makes packing for a trip or plein air outing fun and easy! Never forget something important again!



Thanks for the tip. I will seriously consider replacing my rag tag sheet of paper!

Rodrica Tilley said...

Another great idea. Thanks for inspiring.

Rita Kirkman said...

Wow! How do you catch that iridescent gold pastel so well in your photo of your painting? I swear I can see it sparkle on my monitor screen!
(great tips btw)

Karen said...

Thanks everyone!
Rita, I take the photo with the flash on so I think that's what does it! I love using the iridescence!