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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Last Day in New Mexico....Painting Clouds

'Sky Watching'. 5x7. Plein air. Pastel

This week was just what I needed. When I arrived I wasn't sure what I needed. I only knew that I wanted to paint in New Mexico and learn what I could from Richard McKinley. As my friend Kris put it, we were open to whatever it was we needed. It will take awhile to process it all and let it filter. I learned a lot! I filled my notebook with the many pearls of wisdom that Richard so generously shares. I also learned from the other wonderful artists in the workshop. As I process and go through my paintings there will be more posts about this very special week.

Today I watched the sky. I can't get enough of the sky and it's many moods here in New Mexico. As we drove back to Albuquerque my camera was focused out the window and it was drive by shooting at it's finest.

By the time I arrived at the airport hotel (I fly home in the morning) I was itching to paint the clouds. I checked in and grabbed my back pack with my Gogh box. Since I didn't have a car I had to make due with the view from the parking lot. If I sat down on the grass and looked through the hotel and the car wash I could see the distant peaks of the ancient volcanoes of the West Mesa. I could also see the sky!

'Sky Watching ll'. 5x7

Sitting on the ground with the Gogh Box ang Girault pastels on my lap, I painted two studies of my sky view. It wasn't as peaceful as Abiquiu but if I want to paint believable clouds I need to paint them live and in the moment. I need to see the colors and shapes and how the clouds interact with the sky. I couldn't pass up the chance to paint these wonderful skies before I left.

I will be back in June for the IAPS convention and I look forward to seeing the new friends I met at the workshop. It was wonderful to paint with you all!



1 comment:

robertsloan2art said...

I love these clouds! I'm always watching the sky, any time I go out I start looking up to see what the clouds are doing. They're an endless source of wonder for me.

You paint them so well that I'm inspired. I have yet to do cumulus clouds well enough to satisfy myself, it's one of the things on my Artist Bucket List that I'm approaching. This article and these examples are another step toward that goal!