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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mini Week: 10 Reasons to Paint Small part 2

'Fall Fantasy 6'         2.5 x 3.5
How small can we go? Have you tried painting a mini pastel? I used to think 5x7 was small until I gave minis a try.  I choose 2.5 x 3.5 as my mini size because ready made frames and mats are available. I will share storage and presentation ideas later this week. Mini Week continues with a look at 5 more reasons to paint small. If you missed the first 5 reasons click here to read them.

6. Economical. Minis are great because they don't cost much in materials. I don't use much pastel at all and I cut my scrap papers into 2.5 x 3.5 pieces. I buy my pastel paper in full size sheets and cut them down to size. I am always left with thin strips. I save these strips until I need paper for minis then I cut them down to size.

'Fall Fantasy 7'           2.5 x 3.5 

7. Eco-Friendly. Save the environment and recycle paper for minis. Not only do I use my paper scraps, I also recycle failed paintings and cut them up for minis. Instead of throwing away a failed painting I do an alcohol wash over the offending painting, let it dry and cut it up. I get lots of nice dark toned paper to paint on!

'Fall Fantasy 8'          2.5 x 3.5

8. Fine Motor Practice. Painting small is one of the best ways to develop and fine tune control over your pastel sticks. Sometimes a chunk of pastel can seem awkward and unwieldy. It take practice to figure out just the right touch to make the marks you want. 

'Fall Fantasy 9'          2.5 x 3.5 

9. Experiment. Painting small leads to getting more creative and experimental. I find it less daunting to experiment on a scrap of paper. If it doesn't turn out I didn't waste much. I have tried many interesting techniques on a mini before I did a larger version.

'Fall Fantasy 10'           2.5 x 3.5 

10. FUN!  The best reason of all to paint minis is because it is fun and relaxing. I like to sit when I paint the minis. I find that the more I do, the more I want to do. The more I do the more expressive they become.  Working small allows me to gain experience with the important parts of good painting....composition, value, color, drawing. I learn while I am having fun....can't beat that!

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Bobbe's Community Food said...

Karen, I just love how prolific you are. These are great!

ida mae poopsnatch said...

Hey, Karen--

I feel SO excited about doing minis I can hardly stand it. Your reasons are so compelling, I simply must start tonight. I always recall that you chose to 'speed up' your learning curve on the use of pastels by doing tons of SMALL works. Clearly, your method is a winner! I love the way you paint with pastels & I really need to speed up my own learning Re: how to use them well.
Thanks a bunch for your great blog. L&K, MaryB

Hastypearl said...

How do you get the Whole World on such a tiny space! Amazing:) Laura

jytte said...

Hello Karen

I just bought your little e-book about painting small and I am starting today. :o)

robertsloan2art said...

Five more great reasons to paint this small and they are so gorgeous.

The series is becoming something spectacular in itself. I wouldn't be surprised if someone bought several to put together in a multi-opening mat.