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Friday, March 20, 2015

A Must Have Pastel Set! Terry Ludwig Shades of Nature Review

'Shades of Nature'              16x20             pastel            ©Karen Margulis
I opened the box with eager anticipation. All new Terry Ludwig pastels had arrived. As soon as Terry Ludwig announced the new 'Shades of Nature' set I knew I had to try them. They looked like perfect colors for my marshes and meadows. I could't wait to get painting. Below is my painting using only this new set plus 3 blue TL pastels for the sky. What do I think about this set?  I'll sum it up... Put them on your must have list!

Terry Ludwig's new set of 30 'Shades of Nature' pastels purchase here
Terry has created this set of new colors using the foundation of deep ochre. They are lovely muted colors that are perfect for the landscape. They are available only at TerryLudwig.com and are not in any other set. 

I wanted to give them a try so I chose a early autumn marsh landscape that seemed to have the same color palette as the set. I challenged myself to use ONLY this set for the painting. I did have to add three blue pastels for the sky and water. These colors were perfect for the dried grasses and muted fall flowers of the marsh!

I selected a piece of brown Canson Mi-Teintes paper. I did a quick drawing and blocked in the first layer. I was concerned that the darkest color in the set wouldn't be dark enough. But what happened was a wonderful lesson in simultaneous contrast. The darkest pastel wasn't very dark but in relation to all of the other colors I used it was the darkest so it LOOKED dark enough.

I rubbed in the first layer with the palm of my hand and finished the sky and water. I moved on to the marsh and began layering the wonderful oranges and golds.  I used some workable fixative to darken the foreground and to set up this area for some texture.

I repeated this process a few more times until I had achieved the level of detail I wanted. I love Terry Ludwig pastels. They are just the right size and shape. I can create broad strokes or fine lines. They have just the right amount of softness without being crumbly. The colors in this set are muted but so rich. They went on the Canson paper with ease. I'm in love!

I only used the Shades of Nature set plus three blue TL pastels for the sky.
click the photo to enlarge and see the details.


Hélène said...

No wonder this painting is alreaydy sold. Its beautifull!

robertsloan2art said...

Great review! I've been tempted by this set too, when I saw the dusty violets and rich golds and the nice near-full spectrum. It might almost make a good starter as long as the buyer got some blues to go with it. Pity I couldn't take advantage of the sale though, the introductory price of $100 is still available today but gone tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Well now you've gone and done it...it is all your fault that i've just spent $170 Can. bucks.....just kidding...i've been tempted to buy this set, and i have to say your demo pushed me over the edge. hey,it's only money right!!! i'm very happy - and i just want to say how much i love your blogs Karen, very well done, with such commitment and passion!
cheers, Linda

joyce kahn said...

I bought this set but don't see a dark red/purple like the one you used in this painting. Is it from another set?

Karen said...

Joyce I only used 3 blues from another set . The red purple is in the set but it is more of a rose . I did spray the bottom section with fixative which did darken the color . That must be what you are seeing,