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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Video Demo Painting and Uart Pastel Paper Review

'River Reflections'                6x8                pastel               ©Karen Margulis
painting available on Etsy $75

Paper choice does matter! Choosing the right paper for our paintings can be a challenge. We have so many choices. Do we want sanded? Unsanded? What brand? What color?  I love paper so I have tried them all. I'll get the conversation going with a demo and review of my current favorite pastel paper on this week's video blog. Can you guess what my favorite paper is?


 If you can't see the video Click here for the link 

Below are some additional photos and resources. If you have any questions about Uart that I didn't cover in the video ask them in the comments below!

Visit Uart's website for more information including a FAQ page.

I did an alcohol wash underpainting on Uart 600 grade

I did a paper test on each grade of Uart paper. Click on each photo to see the details

800 is the smoothest grade. It is good for detail work

240 is the roughest grade. You can see the texture in my strokes
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Julie Whitehead said...

Hi Karen
Another brilliant Vlog---thank you so much for your efforts they are very much appreciated. Julie.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, This vlog was very helpful and informative. Many thanks, Pat

Pilar Erika said...

Very useful to be able to see you at work! Thank you for sharing, Karen.

Susan Richardson said...

Awesome way to start my day by having a quick lesson from you!

Lynne Porter said...

Thank you so much, the video has made the choosing of paper much clearer, and has been so helpful. I'm comparatively new to pastels and find your blog very helpful.
I hope you will be doing a video on types of pastel soon. I'm in the UK so many of the brands you mention are out of my reach, but an understanding of type would be very good.

Sunny Avocado said...

I feel like I am taking your workshop and I am LOVING it! So much info and sharing of your experience and skill. Too bad you can't just download it to me!

Love your work and your loose style! That is one of a kind, I can't wait to see how my hands and brain translate it. :)

BJR said...

I, too, feel like I've attended a mini class. Thanks so much! You'll never know what a treat it's been. Seeing you make the marks versus picking them out from a photo is so much better. ;) As to paper, I have some sanded Wallis paper, and love it. I don't know if it is available now...but I'm going to try Uart, too.

Layne Roach said...

Awesome Karen! You say the things that I want and need to hear and in the wording I want to hear verses what I read in books which often just confuses me. Seeing you in action and explaining why you did such and such is just wonderful (wanted a bigger better word to explain my feelings...gargantuan! Ha, ha). Loving your Vlogs! Thank you so much!

Debby said...

Thanks for the wonderful Vlog! You are a wealth of information!

robertsloan2art said...

Great review of Uart paper! I bought all the grades in at least one sheet to have choice for given paintings and now have lots of 400 because of a holiday gift set from Terry Ludwig - free hat and discount paper was great!

I loved the demo. Your added photos helped a lot with it too. Great vlog!

Lynne Porter - Fisher 400 which should be available in UK is bright white and otherwise very similar to Uart 400 - great sanded paper, sturdy, stands up to washes, lovely stuff. I got a sheet of that when I bought a painting from Charlotte Herczfeld, she sent me a piece to try and I love it, just can't get it easily here. So have a go with the Fisher, it's about like medium grade Uart.

Catherine Selinger said...

Just wanted to say "Hi" to sweet Heidi! She is such a good studio dog - ringing the bell like that! Wow! We all love her Karen. (Ok well I am a HUGE doggie fan.)
The video was just great. So clear! As I was watching I was wondering whether you were a school teacher in a prior life? You certainly have more than one 'gift'...! :)