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Thursday, April 23, 2015

My Favorite Spicy Pastels

'Texas Spring II'              5x7           pastel           ©Karen Margulis
I love pastels. Hard, soft, square or round. I can find a good use for just about any brand of pastels. Sure I have my favorites. Certain brands work best on certain surfaces. Some brands are better for underpainting. Others are best for finishing touches. I call my finishing marks spices.  Done well, they are the marks that make an ordinary painting into a more intriguing painting.

I was very happy that my recent merit award for my painting 'Sunshine on a Cloudy Day' included two boxes of Schmincke pastels. These are my favorite pastels for adding the finishing spicy touches to a painting.

My award from Chart-pak....a nice box of Schmincke pastels
Schmincke pastels are quite soft. I find them to be very rich and creamy. In fact they are so soft and rich that when applied heavily they can create texture almost like oil paint. I use them sparingly and usually for my final marks. Look at the painting in today's post. I used the yellow and violet Schmincke pastels to paint the flowers. I simply rolled the pastel across the paper and it left a trail of thick creamy marks. The perfect spice...just a sprinkle of rich color.  I like to have a variety of spicy Schminke colors such as bright yellows, reds, violets and greens. I love their blues as well. I'm going to enjoy this new set!

The Schmincke website has a great flyer with information and a color chart of their soft pastels. Click here for the pdf.


Sue Marrazzo said...

REALLY special!

Linda said...


robertsloan2art said...

Oh this one's cool! It's so lyrical. The painting just drew me right in! Cool about the Schminke set too. I noticed the way the yellow dances in te foreground and you're tempting me to have a go with them sometime!