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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

How about a Double Header Pastel Workshop?

'Afternoon at the Salt Lick'              5x7          plein air pastel         ©Karen Margulis
I got an intriguing email the other day. It was from my first pastel teacher and good friend Marsha Savage. She was proposing a road trip. Not just any road trip but a leisurely drive to Tuscon Arizona so we could attend the next Plein Air Convention in April 2016. #PACE2016.  My interest was piqued.

We had both attended the inaugural Plein Air convention in Las Vegas and had a great time. It was time to go again and I have always wanted to paint in Tuscon. So, excited about the possibilities of a road trip I replied to Marsha "Let's Do it!"

Then I got an idea. Marsha is a wonderful artist and teacher (she gave me an excellent start) and I love nothing more than teaching and sharing my love of pastels. We both teach both local and out of town workshops. Why not take the show on the road and plan a few Double Header workshops along our route?

One of my demos at my Texas workshop

Think of it....two award winning instructors for double the educational value and twice the fun! We are working on details for possible Louisiana and Texas workshops but would like to hear from you. If you have connections and/ or resources to host an April 2016 workshop (from Georgia to Arizona) or would be interested on being added to our interest list let us know! email me here. 

Plein Air fun in Texas! Love Becky's supply cart!


Leora LaGraffe said...

Tucson is a beautiful city, I know you will just love that area! I was stationed at Ft. Huachuca, which isn't too far from Tucson.

A couple things not to miss, are the skies at night....drive out a ways into the desert and see more stars than you've ever seen before...and the Desert Museum, if you have an extra day or two where you aren't working and have time to sight-see.

I'm so excited and happy for you and for the people lucky enough to attend your workshop!

I just loved Tucson, and I hope you will love spending time there, too!

robertsloan2art said...

You just made me wish I had a job and a car! Or just not disabled, could drive and rent a car. I would so pick one of your locations to show up for this!

Loads of fun and I hope you're still doing workshops two years from now when I'm on Old Age social security and can supplement it with art sales. Yours would sure be worth doing and selling some extra paintings! And I like her art too so the folks doing these are twice as lucky!

Christy said...

How exciting!! Can you say where in Texas you might be having the workshop? Thanks!

Karen said...

Christy, plans are not yet finalized but we are looking at the Hill Country area around Dripping Springs. Email me if you'd like to be on our interest list.