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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Great Resource for Successful Watercolor Underpaintings

'Doing the Dance'             8x10                pastel              ©Karen Margulis
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I never understood the allure of watercolor underpaintings for pastels. When I would try them the results were wimpy washed out blobs of color. I envied artists who had mastered the technique....artists whose underpaintings could stand alone as finished work. I decided that I just didn't like watercolor underpaintings. It was an excuse.

The truth was I didn't know how do create a successful watercolor underpainting. There came a time that I decided to conquer my aversion. I paid close attention to the masters of the underpainting. Richard McKinley was a great help to me. He told me that if I wanted to do better underpaintings then to just do underpaintings.....lots of them. And I was not to worry about putting pastel on them. Just practice, practice and more practice.

the watercolor underpainting on Pastel Premiere white paper

It worked! I still have room for improvement but I now embrace watercolor and love the effects I can get. I have written several blog articles about the watercolor underpainting process. I decided to put all of these articles together into one resource. I made a Readlist with them.


What’s a Readlist? A group of web pages—articles, recipes, course materials, anything—bundled into an e-book you can send to your Kindle, iPad, or iPhone.  

If you would like to have the collection of blog articles on watercolor underpaintings all in one place click on the link below for my Readlist.


Sande said...

Nice idea for collections of articles! This idea of readlists is new to me. I'll read through some of them later.

robertsloan2art said...

I love this collection, thank you! Your underpaintings often would stand as loose watercolor paintings. It's cool how you sometimes keep areas of watercolor.