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Friday, September 11, 2015

Something New....Trying Cobra Water Mixable Oils

'Sunshine'               5x7        oil on panel          ©Karen Margulis
Sometimes I wish for more hours in a day. There is so much yet to discover about art....new materials, new mediums, different subjects. I want to try it all! I am finally making time to explore oils. I tried a few years ago. I enjoyed painting with a brush but found clean up a pain. Since I was teaching pastel classes in my studio I couldn't leave the oils out. As you know....out of sight can lead to out of mind. I didn't follow through with the oils and they sit on a shelf.

But they weren't too far from my mind. A discussion with a friend about Cobra water mixable oils by Royal Talens got me thinking. If I only needed water to clean up it would be easier to manage both the oils and the pastel classes. So I treated myself to a few tubes of paint and the recommended brushes.

Today I had some time to play. I took out a 5x7 panel and squeezed out a limited palette of yellow, red, blue and white and set to work. I decided to paint some sunflowers. From the first brushstroke I was impressed. It felt great. The paint was rich and buttery. I was able to thin it with water to create a wash/block in. I finished with some palette knife petals. Rinsing the brush in water was so easy and it helped me keep the colors fresh.

I enjoyed my painting session and I am anxious to paint some more!  I will give a more detailed review of the paints as I spend more time with them. Visit the website for more information:

close up detail


tammy said...

What a lovely painting, Karen!

Jenny said...

Karen, this is lovely. You strokes are simple and direct, just like your pastel work. It is a most satisfying painting to behold!

Lesley Oldham said...

Do you know what? That's fab!

Liz said...

Thanks so much for your review!