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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

To Print or Not to Print

'Fall Splendor II'         12x12     lithograph       ©Karen Margulis
available $45
Every once in awhile I get the print questions. Do I offer prints of my work? How do you suggest making prints or where should we get them made?  This is one area that I confess ignorance. I have never been interested in learning the ins and outs of getting prints made. I guess when it comes down to it I'd rather be painting. When you paint every day you are producing quite an inventory of originals. I could never imagine adding to this with prints. It just isn't something I choose to do.

But I am not at all against having prints made of my work. I just choose not to do it myself!  I do have work available through a few commercial print companies. They provide prints to retail, hospitality, interior design, etc. It has been fun to work with these companies because I never know where my work might be placed. (once in a movie!) In case you are wondering how I got involved with them....they discovered my work online and contacted me.

I am very particular with the companies I work with. I want to be sure the prints are quality and true to color. One company sent me prints for my personal use. I just uncovered them on a shelf and thought I would share them here and in my etsy shop. The prints are 12x12 lithographs. They were commissioned to be a pair of autumn trees. I have the originals and can vouch for the quality of the prints!  

original pastel  6x6   $75
original pastel 6x6    $75

Do you want to learn more about getting prints of your work made? I discovered a wonderful resource that should answer all of our questions! Have a look at Cory Huff's wonderful website The Abundant Artist. I did a search for 'prints' and found a wealth of information on the ins and outs of prints and print on demand for artists. Here is the link: http://theabundantartist.com/?s=print

'Fall Splendor I'         12x12      lithograph       $45


Sue Marrazzo said...


robertsloan2art said...

Oh wow. That's so striking. I've done prints that were larger than the original art but with yours I can so see how well that'd work. The images of the prints look softer than the images of the art, but both are conveyed by your digital camera. I wouldn't be surprised if the actual lithographs are a lot crisper and brighter!

So great when they give you prints for your use. The poster company I did two big New Orleans pieces for did that too and I sold quite a few of them. Wish I'd managed to keep at least one of each though. Eh, if I ever get down there again they're probably still available.