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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

From the Archives...Uart Pastel Paper Review

'River Reflections'                6x8                pastel               ©Karen Margulis

I am headed to Chicago to teach a workshop sponsored by my favorite paper UArt! It is a good time to show this post on Uart pulled from my archives. I hope to blog about the workshop while in Chicago so stay tuned!

Paper choice does matter! Choosing the right paper for our paintings can be a challenge. We have so many choices. Do we want sanded? Unsanded? What brand? What color?  I love paper so I have tried them all. I'll get the conversation going with a demo and review of my current favorite pastel paper on this week's video blog. Can you guess what my favorite paper is?


 If you can't see the video Click here for the link 

Below are some additional photos and resources. If you have any questions about Uart that I didn't cover in the video ask them in the comments below!

Visit Uart's website for more information including a FAQ page.

I did an alcohol wash underpainting on Uart 600 grade

I did a paper test on each grade of Uart paper. Click on each photo to see the details

800 is the smoothest grade. It is good for detail work

240 is the roughest grade. You can see the texture in my strokes
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1 comment:

jytte said...

Dear Karen,
I enjoyed your demo very much. Just a pitty that Uart paper is not on sale in Europe, so I use Canson mi-teint touch. The last word means that the paper is slightly sanded. It supports water without bugling.
Jytte :o)