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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Plein Air Warm Up at the Plein Air Convention

I was having painting withdrawal! It's been a week without daily painting and I was itching to get out my pastels. The Plein Air Convention didn't officially open until 4:00 so we had time to paint in the morning. I thought about setting up on the resort grounds but decided I liked the view from our balcony so that made it very easy!

I set my Heilman sketch box on the patio table and contemplated the view. I had quite a few choices so I decided it would be best to paint a few 5x7 studies. 

I blocked in a warm value underpainting on Uart and rubbed it in with pipe insulation. You can see my box had an assortment of pastels mostly Girault and Terry Ludwigs. I didn't pick pastels for the desert so I was hoping that my range of colors and values would work.

I managed to do 3 paintings before I needed to clean up and have lunch. The vendor expo opened at 1:00! I did get a few non pastel goodies but I'll report on that tomorrow. I've got to get up early to be at Marketing Bootcamp at 6:30 am!


Laura said...

It's so wonderful to share your experience with you! I greatly appreciate how you also share your knowledge and creative processes, mental and physical. Of all the emails I get, I quickly delete the uninteresting, and savior yours like a dessert. In the moments I can't paint, it's a vicarious thrill to see your process. Your art draws me into the mood and light that motivates you to paint a subject. I hope my work one day will do the same as I share the beauty my eyes see and my heart feels.
Although I'm painting as often as possible with watercolor, acrylic and oil, I haven't picked up my pastels in many years. When I first tried pastel I felt like I had found the beat of my inner rythm and that artistic dance would go on for a lifetime. However, life is so full of wonder and creative experiences to try! You inspire me to paint with pastel again. I recently inherited boxes of lovingly used and new quality pastels from my mother (who is only working in oil now at 78 years old). It's clear it's time to jump back in to the world of pastels. I enjoyed organizing them, and once again that familiar tactile experience of colorful chalky fingers! So today is the day to dance to an oldie but goodie art song!
Thank you very much for caring enough to share, and for inspiring me as a pastelist! Blessings to you during your exciting creative community gathering!

Sue Betanzos said...

Sounds like a very busy but great time. Have a blast and hope we can meet!

robertsloan2art said...

Great plein air paintings! What a schedule though. Getting up for a 6:30am marketing topic is real dedication, I hope you get a lot of good ideas from it.

These are wonderful paintings. Thanks for sharing the photo of the scene and your kit - I love your plein air box, it's so tempting. Really may have to look into one of those someday.

Enid Goyers said...

Your energy is unique and I can see it back in the dynamics of your paintings. I like your warm and yet strong colors expressing your enthusiasm which certainly inspires others.
Thank you for giving us this wonderful insight of your painting life.