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Friday, May 06, 2016

Cruise Recap....Focusing on Summer!

Well a week has passed and I managed to stay on the ship the entire time. I surely have sea legs after this week!  It's ok though. I used the time on board to focus on things I want to do but never have enough time when I am at home. 

I read several watercolor books and a book on clouds. I read a book about Croatia and started a few more on the subject of practice. 

I had a lot of fun with my pastels and painted a bunch of new minis all devoted to skyscapes. I loved sitting in my spot on deck 10 just studying the sky. 

I had a ball getting friendly with watercolors. My sketchbook seems to have become filled with watercolor sketches. I am excited about the sketches I will get to do on my summer trips.
Speaking of summer... I spent a lot of time working on the plans for my upcoming workshops in Florida and Croatia. I can't wait to get organized for these trips! 

I'll be back home in the studio Monday and will get back to regular posts. I hope you've enjoyed coming along with me these last few weeks! 


Sandig said...

Love all of the cloud studies!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering what watercolor books you were reading and which did you find most helpful? Your blog is great!

cberwind@aol.com said...

Totally loved going on the cruise with you and when we cruise I also love staying on the ship, that time when the passengers leave is GOLDEN!

Tell us, what book on Clouds???? The cloud paintings were beautiful, descriptive and delicious.

I know this is not a travel blog but you are always moving around. Can you share with us what makes you choose one ship over another, what would be your ideal cruise experience, what you might do again or differently? I’m asking because once hubby’s treatment stabilizes and he’s cleared for travel I was thinking about this kind of trip.

Thanks Miss Karen!

Karen said...

Great idea! I will be happy to blog about choosing a cruise with some tips!! It is a great way to relax and be creative!!