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Sunday, June 26, 2016

They are Just Shapes!

'Along the Coast'           5x7        pastel        ©Karen Margulis
available $75
Sometimes I hesitate when it comes to adding structures to a landscape painting. It is the same thing for figures and animals. I know that when there is a manmade structure or a living thing in a painting the viewer will naturally gravitate to them and they become a focal area. So that means they need to look right!  But 'right' doesn't have to mean perfect. I hesitate when I forget this and try to make perfect little buildings and horses.

I like to give myself permission to HINT at structures, figures and animals. They don't have to be perfect but they have to look like they belong. I ask myself is they are the correct size for their location. And I remember the very sage advice given to me years ago by Terry Ludwig. 

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I had only been painting for about a year when I attended a workshop with Terry in the Georgia mountains.  Somehow the subject of adding buildings to a painting came up. I mentioned that I was afraid of adding them because I never painted structures and was worried that they wouldn't look right. His response was perfect... "THEY ARE JUST SHAPES!"  Don't worry about the label. Look at everything as a simple shape, color and value. See the difference when we say....a square of white with a slash of red instead of a white house with a red roof. Describing the object as a shape simplifies the process of painting complicated things.It takes away the fear of getting it wrong. After all we can all paint shapes!

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Joey J said...

Shapes......I seee shapessssss...

robertsloan2art said...

So very true, especially off in the distance! Even very simple shapes can give a good impression of solid structures or animals.