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Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Week in Croatia part 3: The Sea

'The Calming Sea'        8x10     pastel          ©Karen Margulis
available $150
I am happy to say I've been in the Adriatic Sea (Barbara the secret is ours)  Mario had been after me for a week to take a swim. We were staying just a few miles from the sea and went just about everyday. Some evenings for a swim and sometimes to paint and sometimes just to relax and sketch. I loved it. 

The beaches we went to were not typical sandy beaches. They were actually rocky with clear blue waters and reef areas. They were wonderfully designed for comfortable swimming and relaxation.  A Paved path ran next to the sea with a beautiful forest as the backdrop. There were paved stone patio areas with stars and other entries to the sea. Lounges and umbrellas were available to rent and many families set up under the trees.

Food was also available with several coffee /snack bars and outdoor seaside casual dining. I loved the snack cart that came around. He had ice-cream, hot dogs, popcorn available.

The views were wonderful and breezes under the trees were perfect. The painting in today's post was a demo I started in the workshop. The water truly was this beautiful combination of blues.  Enjoy a few of my favorite photos of the sea.

Is this heaven or what?

Scottish broom adds a pop of color and scent to the seaside landscape

I can't wait to paint this tree!

A good look at the patio and rocks

A nice spot

This is the middle of the Adriatic Sea as seen from my ferry ride from Venice Italy

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Christine said...

I love your work...it always transports me into the lovely textures and colors and subtle values and I feel like it is a good ride. I have also enjoy traveling with you to Iceland and Croatia. Thank you for your thoughtful blog posts and beautiful artwork.