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Sunday, July 03, 2016

The workshop in Croatia Begins

It has already been an amazing experience and we really haven't officially started. Several of the artists arrived early so we had an afternoon get together in our studio. I did a quick demo of the wonderful meadow just outside the studio door. Fortunately we saved it from getting mowed! It will be left alone for our week.

I am getting ready this morning for our official start but I wanted to share a few photos. Mario and Minja of Pastel Workshops Croatia have done a fabulous job organizing the workshop. We are staying at the Villa Gloria and everything has been great( much more on this later!)

Outside of our studio space. Mario found it amusing how excited Americans get for  laundry in a line! 

Inside the studio which opens up to the patio and meadow. It is filled with beautiful light, warm wood and lavender on each table! Ellen Eagle was here last week so it is set up in the back for a model. 

There is also an inviting pool and tennis courts.

So far our meals have been amazing. More on this to come but how about fresh seafood pasta....for lunch  and mixed grill for dinner!

We ended the day with a sunset stroll along the sea at the Green Lagoon. And we haven't even officially started!


jytte said...

Lucky you to have nice weather. The weather in the western Europe is wet. Enjoy your stay :o)

robertsloan2art said...

Beautiful place. I love the painting you did of the meadow, that's spectacular. Have fun!