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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Three Reasons to Try Instagram

'Dancing Light'         9x12       pastel        ©Karen Margulis
available $165

Are you on Instagram yet? If not I have three good reasons for you to try it. If you already use Instagram I have a reason for you to visit Instagram today!

In case you are not familiar with Instagram it is a social networking app that allows you to share photos and videos on your phone. It is very easy to use. You either take a photo with the app or use a photo / video from your photo albums on your phone. There are filters you can use to enhance your photo. You can write something about the photo if you'd like and add hashtags # that allow others to find your posts. I will share more about using Instagram in future blog articles but for now I want to convince you to try it (or use it more often)

Underpainting on gray Canson Mi-Teintes paper

Three Reasons to Try Instagram
  • It is all about the IMAGERY. Artists are visual and there is nothing more appealing than having the chance to browse a lot of good art without the extra visual clutter that is found on Facebook. I love reading my Facebook feed because of my artist friends and their wonderful art but I often get hung up and distracted by the other stuff.....videos, political stuff, recipes, cat and dogs....and on and on. I follow artists on Instagram and get to enjoy their art and photos without any distractions. Many artists post behind the scenes photos which are always interesting.
  • It is QUICK. Since your feed consists of images with minimal text, it is a a quick way to browse and see some inspiring art and photos. I know many who prefer not to do Facebook because they feel it is a time waster. Instagram doesn't zap as much time since it is fast and easy to scroll through images.
  • It is EASY. Really. Once you sign up and create your profile you can add your artist friends and family and friends if you wish. You will also get suggestions and I have discovered many wonderful artists from these suggestions. Posting a photo or video is also very easy and user friendly. 
Convinced? I invite you to start or revive your Instagram account and see what you've been missing. Instagram can be used for marketing and I will share more ideas in another post but it is also just a simple way to get a quick dose of inspiration!  Download the app today!

***** I am 25 followers short of 2000 and to celebrate I am offering a print of one of my autumn tree paintings. Head over to my Instagram account today and follow me or leave a comment mentioning the print and you will be entered to win the print. Drawing on Friday!  I am @KarenMargulis on Instagram or click here.

Close up detail
About today's painting: 9x12 on Gray Canson Mi-teintes unsanded paper. This is a scene from the monastery in Pecos New Mexico. The late afternoon light was dancing through the grasses teasing the little blanket flowers who were hiding out in the shade.

1 comment:

robertsloan2art said...

Great painting and good points about Instagram. I haven't gotten onto it yet because I've got so many different things going and don't always keep up, but next year I may want to do this. I'd have to get used to using the phone camera again though, since I switched to my Kindle Fire as soon as I got it. Better camera on the Kindle but the phone photos are smaller and don't need resizing to post.