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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Thoughts Behind a Recycled Painting

'Winter Beach Walk'         9x12       pastel       ©Karen Margulis
available $150
 I just started my yearly studio clean up. I'm a little late but I always like to start the year with a clean and organized studio. Today I began to go through my stacks of paintings from last year. You all know by now that I don't throw anything out. That includes scrap paper! Often I will use a piece of paper to illustrate a point for a student. It is easier to show it than just explain it!

That leaves me with a pile of paper with a few pastel marks. This year I plan to use these 'mini demo scraps' and create recycled paintings. I will share my thoughts behind the process of taking a scrap and turning it into a painting. Enjoy today's installment.

Scrap paper with a mini demo....time to recycle!
 Today's scrap is a mini demo I did for a student illustrating how I paint sand and shadows on the sand. It was on a piece of gray Canson Mi-teintes paper. I decided to stick with the theme of sand and paint a sand dune! I turned the paper to a horizontal format and brushed out the demo as best as I could.

The demo brushed out with a new painting blocked in
I was working from a photo of a dune in North Florida. I liked the moody quality which I wanted to convey. But I also liked the bit of light on the dunes. I blocked in the dune with the edge of a middle value pastel.

my reference photo

  • I selected a few pastels keeping a limited palette of gray-blues, greens and peaches. I started with  dark brown and violet Terry Ludwig pastels and blocked in the dark areas on the dune. This would be the dried grasses.
  • Next I worked on the sky. I wanted to be sure to get the right mood quality so I started with a pale green. I added some pale peach and yellow for the light in the sky and ended with some grayed blues for the clouds at the top of the sky.
  • To keep color harmony in the painting I used the same pastels in the sea and sand. I wanted a connection between the earth and sky.
  • Next it was time to add the light to the edge of the dunes. I used some rich peach pastels to create this light that is breaking through the clouds and illuminating the dunes.
  • The dried grasses at the top of the dunes were created with the edge of a Terry Ludwig pastel. A few touches of orange on some of the grasses were the final touches.
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theoboy said...

Thank you very much for this interested daily painting. I admire you for your ideas to make only from some strokes such a wonderful painting. I wish I had such creativity like you.
When I `d lived in the USA I `d go to your workshops but Europe is far away. I´ve learnt so much from your blog and videos. Yesterday I bought al package of demos from you. The next days I will try to paint some of them. I hope I can be able to do it.My problem is everything I paint must be accurate even though I´m a beginner in progress.
Now I have to arrange my last pastels in a box.....

Do you always use a limited palette. How many colors are the maximum to use on a picture. Are they some experiences? I think I always take to much.

robertsloan2art said...

This is cool! I admire you for doing something like this on mi-Tientes. I'm pretty good about not wasting scraps of sanded paper but bits of mi-Tientes with exercises tend to go in a folder and get looked at later for ideas.