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Saturday, March 18, 2017

How I Store my Pastel Paper

'Desert Fire'           5x7       pastel           ©Karen Margulis
From the archives. I wish my paper corner was this neat!

The Great Studio Clean-Up continues.  Today's project included the paper and shipping corner. I am fortunate to have a great space for storing paper. I have a nice little corner with room for the rolling baker's rack that I got at a thrift store for $20. I am able to store full sheets of paper on this rack.

I haven't keep this area neat and organized.  In the frenzy of creating I would throw scraps of paper on the shelves (I don't throw any paper away)  Paper was piled up and all mixed up. It had gotten so bad that I couldn't tell what I had any more. I am so happy with the way my little area is now that I gave it a make-over. Have a look!

My Paper Corner
  • The paper rack is now organized and each type of paper has it own shelf. I took any paper that was 8x10 or smaller and put them by size on a smaller in & out style shelf. Now I always have paper ready to go!
  • All small scraps of pastel paper is now kept in a big clear box. When I have free time I will cut the scrapes into usable standard sizes and put them on the small shelf by size.
  • I made room for my canvas and panels for oil and acrylic painting. 
  • The bottom shelf on my unit now holds a variety of Clear Bags. I use these bags for shipping.
Next to the Paper Corner  is a shelf dedicated to my shipping and framing supplies 

My Shipping Corner
  •  The prize of my shipping and paper corner is my paper cutter. Every artist who works on paper should invest in one! (mine was $7 at the thrift store)
  • The top shelf holds the in & out box with small pre-cut pastel paper. The box next to it hold scraps of wrapping paper used for gift wrapping sold paintings.
  • I have a roll of glassine paper but the basket on the shelf holds the smaller scrap pieces. No paper goes to waste!
  • I keep all of my notecards, business cards and literature for collectors together in drawers. I plan to keep this area stocked.
  • Foamcore....I use a lot of foam core. I ship my painting in foamcore sandwiches (as well as for painting supports). I put scraps in a garbage can to be used for who know what. (can't throw them out!)
  • The bottom shelf holds my framing supplies. 
  • Note my window which has beautiful north light. 
It feels great to be organized for a change!  Next on the list is to clean my outer studio....yes I have two studio areas. Stay tuned for more on that.  Today's painting is a small pastel that I uncovered in a pile of scraps! You never know what treasure are in your piles of scraps!

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