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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Great Way to Display Daily Paintings

'Wild and Free at the Beach'          5x7         pastel       ©Karen Margulis
available $45

'Still Free'         5x7      pastel       $45

Wouldn't it be nice to fill your studio walls with art! I have a large paneled wall and wanted to find a way to hang my small daily paintings. Thumbtacks were out because I didn't want any holes in the paintings. I wasn't keen on using the sticky tack stuff either. I was thrilled to discover PaperCrickets....the best invention for hanging paper!

A section of my wall with some of my old  Variation Challenge paintings hung with Papercrickets

A close-up of a Papercricket in the frost color

What is a Papercricket? Here is a quote from the Jerrys Artarama website where you can purchase them.

"The PaperCricket is a paper-friendly push pin that secures photographs, postcards, Artist Trading Cards, posters and similar paper products onto a bulletin board or drywall without puncturing the paper. No holes! Great for offices, classrooms and dorm rooms!
Besides not puncturing the photo or paper item, the PaperCricket's flexible wing design allows you to slip the item in and out without pulling the "cricket" off the wall or bulletin board, allowing less damage to a wall surface. Available in Frosted or Black finishes."

I love them because it is so easy to leave the crickets in place and slip the painting out of the clip with no damage. Great for artists and collectors! You can buy Papercrickets at Jerry's Atrarama

Today's paintings are part of another variation challenge series. This time....the landscape as we find it at the edge of the beach. Each painting is 5x7 on Uart and Pastelmat.


Kendall Kessler said...

Beautiful work!

Patti said...

What a great way to display without damage! Thanks for sharing!

robertsloan2art said...

Great idea! I miss my Sketch Wall, these would be perfect for it. When they get my cottage done I might get some of these to put things up! It'd make changing them around so easily.

What I did with push pins before was to use four of them, but put them into the wall at the edge of the art rather than through it, using the base to hold the art in place. It worked pretty well. If it was 9 x 12" or bigger I'd use two more in the middle of the long side.