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Monday, July 31, 2017

Painting Ireland Day One

Just a quick update today. I am off to paint and teach my workshop at Woodville House. I had a fun day yesterday painting around Wexford. I wrote a great long post that disappeared because my blogger apps no longer work with IOS 11. So I am trying a new app. I'll try to give a better report tomorrow! Follow me on Instagram @karenmargulis for more trip photos!


robertsloan2art said...

Love the photos of your paintings and setup - that one-sided sketchbox Heilman is awesome! Lots of sticks! Interesting how yours isn't organized by hue and value exactly, more quirky and personal.

Do your sketchbox layouts wind up falling into an order of "most used" and "least used" colors instead of "by hue and value"? Some colors are grouped together by hue progression in a row, but the groups aren't organized - looks like that's something personal how you lay them out. Or is just random and gets more random over time with each painting? They look clean and ready in the photo, so I must presume you either cleaned them as you went or that was the first use.

I try to clean as I go but that sometimes gets away from me while painting, and I'll wind up with pale smears on dark sticks, complementary smears, overall dusty look where it may be hard to see the original color. I try to stop and clean them afterward even if they got muddied during the process.

Teri said...

This is a great painting! Have fun!