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Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Post from the Archives: Taking My Own Advice

'Moment of Truth'       7x5      oil on panel       ©Karen Margulis
available $125
Hurricane Update: I am hosting family from Florida and busy making sure all 14 of us are fed and entertained. Monday we are expecting Irma in Tropical storm form .Atlanta is under a Tropical storm watch for the first time ever. My family escaped Florida only to have to ride out the storm in Atlanta! I will be shutting down the computer later so I am sharing a post from the archives. I will be back to regular posting as soon as I can!

A post from the archives....this time last year.

Today was the perfect day to take my own advice. I painted with oils all day at the Blue Ridge Georgia Paintout. I managed to paint 6 studies all of them 5x7. I purposely didn't get my pastel paper stamped for the painting event so I wouldn't be tempted to take out my pastels.

I've been telling myself I would set aside time to work on oil painting but I never do. I even treated myself to the best supplies...a Strada easel and Rosemsry brushes (love both)  But I know better. The best supplies won't make you a better painter unless you actually USE them!  When I am asked how to improve I always advice the artist to practice! Time at the easel is the secret! And it is true for any medium! I paint every day with my pastels! 

So today I devoted myself to making friends with my oil paints. I am using Cobra water soluble oils which made clean up easy! I really enjoyed myself. I have 4 panels left so I'll see what tomorrow brings.

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Francesca Droll said...

Dear Karen...hoping you and your family are safe and your home and studio stay dry. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
From smoky Montana, Francesca