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Friday, October 06, 2017

When You Can't Stop Painting One Thing

'Pink Poppy Profusion II'          6x8           pastel on Uart Dark        ©Karen Margulis
available $125
I can't help myself. Sometimes I find something that I just can't stop painting. It may be a subject or a particular reference photo that grabs my attention. It may even be the first painting done from the photo that inspires more interpretation. No matter what the reason I can't stop painting!

Some artists prefer to paint new material and don't like to repeat a motif but I find repetition allows me to truly understand and become intimate with my subject. If Degas did it then it is a good practice for me too!

Just as a classical dancer repeats the same movements again and again, in order to achieve a greater perfection of line and balance, so Degas repeats the same motifs - it was one of the things that gave him so much sympathy with dancers. -Sir Kenneth Clark

My pastels used for the pink poppy series
Here are some tips for repetition of a motif

  • Choose a subject or photo that you LOVE. It should be something that you experienced. The passion for the subject is necessary!
  • Challenge yourself to interpret the scene in different ways instead of just copying the same painting over and over.
  • Keep things simple. In the early receptions I like to reuse the same pastel palette. It eliminates one thing from the planning and allows you to concentrate on composition and marks.

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