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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Painting the Winter Landscape is Easy!

'Winter Silence'              8x10             pastel             ©Karen Margulis         SOLD
Enjoy today's timely post from the archives!

I like to paint winter landscapes in the winter. Some prefer to paint them in the heat of the summer. A bit of respite from the heat. I can understand that. I like to paint a warm summer beach to take the chill off a cold winter day.  But I still prefer to paint winter when it is cold.  I feel like I can relate to the cold iciness of the snow when I actually feel cold. And it helps to be able to observe the snow and the bare winter trees live and in person!

It was cold outside when I painted this demo. It has been cold everywhere including Georgia!  I enjoyed painting it and I am excited to share the detailed demo notes in my latest download available in my Etsy shop.  I love sharing my mini demos here on the blog but these monthly demo downloads allow me to go in depth and share step by step my thoughts and techniques.  

This demo focuses on how to paint the colors in snow and snow shadows and how I create the illusion of detail without really putting in a lot of detail....suggestions of detail is what I try to do.  Bare winter trees are the perfect subject for minimizing detail.

This demo is 22 pages with 40 color photos. It is available as a PDF download for $6. You can view or on your computer or print it out. Here is the link to the Winter Demo

If you haven't tried my monthly pastel demos I have the last 5 available in a bundle for $24 here.

The front of my Demo PDF

suggesting bare winter trees

shapes and colors = suggested detail
This PDF demo is available today on Patreon for all Patrons! www.patreon.com/karenmargulis

1 comment:

robertsloan2art said...

Beautiful painting and the demo looks interesting! Not that I can paint when it's cold. That's the time when at best I'd be painting Plein Window, not plein air. My joints have to function and my brain has to fire up. It helps to be conscious while painting.

So for me, winter scenes are respite from summer's heat. I sit in the shade thinking of beautiful snow and looking at the sparkle of sun on leaves... or just painting what's in front of me if it's not too hot. We each have different bodies with different needs. I look at painters who actually go out into the snow in places like that with awe and respect.

Pastels would be great for it because the medium doesn't freeze!