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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Exploring the Color RED

'Fantasy in Red'        5x7      pastel
Here is another Valentine's Day post from the archives. I am teaching a workshop this weekend!

I wasn't sure what I wanted to paint. I was busy packing for a winter get-away with my daughter. We are headed to Crested Butte Colorado for a little  relaxation before she finishes up her last couple of months of student teaching. I wasn't really focused on doing a daily painting but while organizing art supplies to take on my trip I found a piece of scrap paper with a poppy demo. My mind starting buzzing. Inspiration was born!

Some of my red pastels
 Why not play with red on Valentine's Day!  I decided to take the demo scrap and turn it into a painting. It was on a 5x7 piece of Uart so it had potential. I believe the scrap was used to show a student how to create light on a red flower and tree trunk.

the demo scrap
I grabbed a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol and spray the demo until the pastel began to drip. I took a paintbrush and started moving the wet pastel around. The result is below.

After an alcohol spray
Once the pastel was dry I was ready to rework the demo and paint some poppies from my imagination. I took out my tray of overflow red pastels and had fun exploring the various shades of red and pastel brands. It was a fun way to end a day of packing and organizing.

You just never know when inspiration will strike and where it comes from so stay open and go with your whims!

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