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Monday, March 19, 2018

How to Create Drama in a Pastel Painting

'Desert Light'         9x12      pastel        ©Karen Margulis
available $155
Start strong to end strong! It was clear to me this weekend during my workshop in Indiana. I was teaching a fantastic group of artists and we were exploring ways to paint with more expression. I shared several ways to start a painting including using 4 value thumbnails and Notan thumbnails and using them for the block- in/underpainting. Without fail the notan underpainting led to a bolder more dramatic paintings. Since a notan is just two values....dark and light or black and white...it allows you to begin the painting with strong darks and lights. No wimpy darks!

I just got home last night from the workshop and I felt the need to just come into the studio and play today. It is funny that way. Even though I paint 6 demos during the workshop I sometimes wish I could be the student and just play and try the exercises! I needed to just have fun and paint for myself today. 'Desert Light' is the result.

Art Graf underpainting with Notan
I used black Art Graf squares for the underpainting. Back in 2016 I did a Sunday Studio Facebook video demonstrating this technique. Here is the link to the blog post and video link for your entertainment!http://kemstudios.blogspot.com/2016/08/sunday-studio-live-pastel-painting-demo.html


Sandi G said...

Love this painting and sure has drama! I’m thinking of joining your patreon site. How are we billed? Can we pay monthly and use PayPal?
Really want to add my support. Thanks for all the generous free information through the years . With your help and my other workshops. I have gone from a home hobby painter to a juried pastelist that sells paintings and wins shows.
The advice I can give to others is to paint, paint ,paint. It’s really work and pleasure . Talent such as yours helps too!

Karen said...

Thank you Sandi and congratulations on your success! Hard work does pay off! I’d love for you to join Patreon. Payment is monthly and Patreon handles it automatically once you register and make a pledge. I hope to see you there!!

robertsloan2art said...

Oh that's cool! I meant to do that one day with black and white Colourfix sanded ground, just put down a notan in creating the sanded surface and have fun building on that. The painting is gorgeous and I love the results of this! Might have to try those Art Graf squares too sometime.

Jim Alvey said...

Beautiful clean and bright colors! Wonderful painting! I look forward to your daily inspirational posts. Thanks for your dedication