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Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Power of Mini Goals

'Sumer Perfection'          15x7        ©Karen Margulis
 It was 13 years ago that I first picked up a pastel. I was hooked immediately. I bought some cheap pastels and paper. I found a class. ( a great one with And I started painting in earnest. My results were not great. In fact I was often frustrated. My visions of what my paintings should look like were not what I was painting! Instead of giving up I doubled down! I began to paint every day. Just a small quick study. I set mini goals for myself.

My first goal was to get a painting into our local pastel society show. I had a year to work at it. I achieved that goal. So I set another mini goal.....get in again! Each year I set the bar a bit higher but not totally out of reach. At least not without dedicated study and practice.  The mini goals gave me something toward towards. A reason to put in the time.

One of my ongoing goals was to have a painting selected for the Pastel Journal's Pastel 100. I have entered for at least the last 6 or 7 years and I am happy to share that this mini goal has been achieved! 

Do you set goals for your art?
They don't have to be lofty goals. They don't even have to be about exhibitions or PSA status or IAPS status.....they can be simple goals. Start a series and the goal might be to complete 5 paintings for the series. Set a mini goal to study a favorite artist or maybe complete a class, or meet up with an art friend. Mini goals will motivate you to get to the easel. And that is the first step to meeting those goals....just do it!


Marsha said...

I was thrilled to see this painting in the 100 BEST pastels! Congrats.

RoK said...

Congrats on this honor! And, thank you for your always inspirational blog.

Becky Chappell said...

Karen, you never cease to inspire me! Of course your work, I so love it, but your dedication! I am recommitting to my art...our travel plans fell through...I am happily home in Crested Butte and dedicating myself to my pastels once again. I am committing to being in my studio every day. Thank you for all that you give!