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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Podcasts! Listen and Watch Plein Air with Pastels Tips!

Quick Plein Air Study       5x7       pastel       Catalina Island
I never imagined how much I would enjoy making a podcast. I guess I like to talk once you get me started and I love to talk about painting and pastels!  I have been experimenting with doing a weekly podcast on my Patreon page. Some topics don't require the visuals of a video but are too much to write about in a short post. The podcast or audio recording is the perfect answer. I can chat about a topic and share important points and you can listen and multitask!

This month we are exploring the world of plein air over on my Patreon page. I love painting outside especially when I travel but it wasn't always easy. In fact it was quite challenging and I didn't enjoy my plein air outings. I have shared plein air tips here on my blog and you can do a search for relevent posts in the search box. If you want more then check out the Patreon page.  The information on Patreon is focused and expanded.

I invite you to listen to one of the podcasts as a guest. If you enjoy the information you might like to become a patron for $4 a month.

Hear the podcast at this ink: https://www.patreon.com/posts/18609309

Painting on the go doesn't have to be hard! See the video on my Patreon page.

My small plein air box Heilman single sketchbox

The View
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