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Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Underpainting with Texture! Check it Out!

'Exploring Lavender'         10x8       pastel       ©Karen Margulis
available $150
Today was just a play day. I decided to make an Instagram story showing the progress of a painting I wanted to do for myself. I have been fascinated by some images I took in France of weeds at sunset. I already painted one version but I wanted to try to add more texture to the weeds. I needed to do some experimentation. I was successful and had so much fun! 

You can see the progress of the sunset weed painting on my Instagram. Go to Instagram and find me @karenmargulis. If you look on my profile page you will see circles with highlighted stories. Click on the circle that says In the Studio to see the painting steps.

In the process of painting the weeds I had some clear gesso left over. Not one to waste any art material I looked for an old painting that could use a little freshening. I found an old plein air painting.

An old 10x8 plein air painting. It could use some help!

I liked the sky in the plein air piece but the foreground was confusing. I took the clear gesso and a bristle brush and painted over the foreground and the trees. It liquified the pastel and made a dark blob.....but it now had potential and TEXTURE!

It was now a natural progression to turn the confusing foreground into some trees with lavender. I had a photo from Provence to inspire me. I loved how the texture suggested the lavender. It was a very satisfying transformation!

The painting after using the clear gesso on the green stuff.

close up detail of the texture

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