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Monday, September 17, 2018

Have You Tried the New Terry Ludwig Pastel Set Yet?

'Along the River's Edge'          9x12          pastel        ©Karen Margulis
available $165
 I have been patiently waiting to try my new pastel set. I know I don't need any more pastels but I do have a duty to try them so I can share with you! (sounds good to me) Fortunately I did win a Terry Ludwig award this spring so I used my gift certificate to purchase the newest set from Terry Ludwig....The Red Rocks Landscape set. Here is a description from the website

From The Garden of the Gods to the Ridgebacks, this set was inspired by the majestic Colorado red rocks to capture the vibrancy of the landscape.  This 60 piece set includes all new colors and was designed as a stand-alone for the artist to work straight from the box to capture water, land and sky.  This set was released, July, 2018.

I am sure it will be perfect for red rock country but I can tell that it will be good for a lot more landscape settings. Over the next few weeks I will be working with this set exclusively as much as possible to test my theory. Of course I will be reporting my experience with the set here. I am also planning to take the set to my upcoming workshop in New Mexico so I want to be familiar with these all new colors!

Terry Ludwig Red Rocks Landscape Set

I made my color chart and even laminated it!
 I selected a photo from my workshop in Pecos New Mexico last fall for my first trial painting. I found the set to be very useful for the subtle autumn colors near the Pecos River. It was lacking a deep dark such as the Terry Ludwig eggplant so I had to supplement from my regular studio box. Remember that these are all new colors! I also needed a brighter, warmer intense yellow for the big yellow trees.  I will be making notes of the extra colors I use. Of course it all depends on where and what you are painting but overall I enjoyed the colors in this set.

So far I am very excited about the new set. Of course what's not to like about a new box of Terry Ludwig pastels?!

The early layers before adding the light!

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