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Thursday, November 01, 2018

Change is Good! Simple Ways to Change a Painting

'Change is Good'            14x11       pastel        ©Karen Margulis
available $175
I was searching for some of my old tree paintings. I was looking to find a range from early to more current so I could see how my trees have evolved. I found some really bad trees! They couldn't help but improve and with such practice they have come a long way from my first tree paintings back in 2006! 
I came across one painting that was probably painted halfway through my journey with pastels. It was a summer aspen tree grove. I liked it but I wondered if I could change the season and make it into a fall scene. I put on my 'What If' hat and got to work.

The original painting was very green...summertime!
The original painting had a watercolor underpainitng. I liked the bits of watercolor that still peeked through so I wanted to keep a light touch. Can you see the simple changes I made?

Now it is fall!

  • I didn't brush out anything or spray....I just went right on top of the existing pastel.
  • I lightened the sky a tiny bit.
  • I add a light layer of dull yellows to the distant grasses.
  • I added ochres and warmer yellows to the foreground.
  • I punched up the lights and darks on the tree trunks.
  • I added some ochres and brighter yellows on top of the green leaves.
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Very beautiful autumn colours !!!

robertsloan2art said...

One thing that worked so well in your changes is that going over the greens with the yellows gave a much more natural look of leaves turning, it was random and glorious. Reminds me of a couple of turning trees right down the lane from where I live! This kind of changing can make a painting sing, more than just following the original concept.