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Friday, November 23, 2018

The JOY of Painting

'Orange Tree Study'          ©Karen Margulis           pastel      12x9
available $165
 Painting is truly Magic. Artists take a blank canvas or piece of paper and create something from nothing.  What could be more exciting than to create a new world on a flat surface.  This is what I love best about painting. Creating something from nothing is such a great feeling. It is pure joy.

I went through a photography stage before I decided to learn how to  paint. I love photography. Capturing beauty and interest with a camera is also magic.  But painting is even better.  Painters don't have to wait for the right light or the perfect moment. We can imagine it. We can invent it. We can create it.

Some artists develop a fear of the blank canvas. It is scary. What if you mess up?  I don't let this fear stop me. In fact  I am never afraid of a blank surface. To me it represents possibilities. A chance to create a new reality. It doesn't matter if the painting doesn't turn out. It is the process of creating that is the high. Besides we can always fix it.

I am thankful for having the opportunity to experience the pure joy of painting! Being able to share this joy with you here on the blog and over on Patreon is icing on the cake!

This tree painting was the subject of a video demo on painting tree trunks over on Patreon.

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