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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Add the Power of Gold to your Paintings

'Gold Power'               8x10            pastel              ©Karen Margulis
available $155
It was another play day in the studio! I was repurposing older unfinished demo paintings. I had no plan other than search for interesting supplies on my shelf and see how I could use them. For this redo I used some leftover white acrylic paint mixed with clear gesso to give it some tooth. I brushed this mixture on my painting which mixed with the existing pastel. The result was an interesting abstract.

But it was missing something. It needed the power of a golden glow! I had a bottle of Schminke gold powder and I used a brush held over the wet underpainting. I flicked the brush adding a dusting of gold on the wet surface. As I hope it dried with  a golden sheen. I then flicked some black ink and white acrylic to add the hints of weeds. My underpainting was now ready for pastel!

The gold powder I used was purchased several years ago. It was by Schminke and was called TroCol Bronze Dry Gouache. I didn't find the exact item but here is something that appears similar:

Here is the finished underpainting. I had so much fun playing with it and it was a joy to paint my favorite flowers incorporating the effects on this underpainting. You never know what play will add to your painting. I have some other ideas for this gold powder so stay tuned!

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