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Saturday, August 17, 2019

New Video Release: How to Paint Landscapes that Glow

Would you like some tips for painting light and shadows? You can search this blog for some great information. You can also head over to my Patreon Page where we spent two months this year covering these topics. If you would like to see one of the videos I made for my Patreon group it is now available on my YouTube channel. ( I have over 100 videos available on my Patreon Page!) In this video I show you how I paint flowers that glow with warm sunlight. Click on the link below to watch the video. If you like what you see please give it a thumbs up or comment and be sure to subscribe to my channel! Your support of my efforts helps me create even more content for you!

The finished demo painting. Sold

Here are a few tips for painting the illusion of warm sunlight

  • When painting a landscape it is important to know what time of day and what weather conditions you wish to portray. Warm light occurs in early morning and late afternoon (sun is low in sky) Cool light occurs mid day and overcast conditions.
  • The idea that warm light = cool shadows means that if the light source is warm the shadowed areas will be cool (not just the cast shadows on the ground....but any area not lit by the sun)
  • The secret to painting warm sunlight is to use a warm color in the areas KISSED BY THE SUN and use a cooler/duller color in the areas not kissed by the sun.

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