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Sunday, February 09, 2020

Trying Hand Made Paper for the First Time

'Snow Day'                8x10 Pastel on Handmade Paper       ©Karen Margulis
available $175

I bought this paper last year but it sat on the shelf. It was buried under a pile of other papers so I had forgotten about it. I was excited to try it....Shizen Designs handmade paper from India. I was intrigued by the deckled edges of the paper. I was imagining how it would be interesting to mount the painting and frame it so the edges would show! But how would the paper take pastel? It is advertised as pastel paper. Have a look:

I decided to give the paper a try with a simple snow scene and using a limited palette of  neutral colors. I also decided to use charcoal to sketch the trees and add detail. It was an interesting departure fro me.  I enjoyed the soft feeling of the paper. The uneven surface was tough enough to grab the pastel. It was not an even texture which added to the charm. I like the neutral colors in this pack. I will definitely do more experiments with this paper and will report back!

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