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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Watch Me Paint on Facebook Live Stream Video

'Simple Times'                       9x12              pastel                   ©Karen Margulis
available $175
What does one do when hibernating in the studio all day? I had finished my work in the morning and planned to paint something fun in the afternoon. Why not stream it to Facebook?! I haven't done a FB live stream in over a year due to a crazy schedule but today seemed like a good day.

Painting is calming. It helps me take my mind off of these serious and concerning times. I hope that by sharing a live stream painting session it will be a little respite for you as well!

You can see the video through my Facebook page. Just go to

I painted from a photo I took on a summer trip to Ireland. I spent the day sitting amongst the flowered covered dunes. It was heaven! This view has inspired several paintings and it was a pleasure to share with you on Facebook.

I hope to do more live streaming both on Facebook and YouTube. We were just experimenting today so there was no announcement. Going forward I will announce a live stream on FB and Instagram. All videos will be available to view after the stream if you miss them!


Kerry said...

Is there anywhere else to view the video other than facebook as I don't do fb? Will it be put on the patreon page?

Kerry said...

P.S. The instagram widget on your page needs updating: it no longer works.