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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Paint Along Video Demo Now Available!

I have been creating monthly Paint Along videos on my Patreon Page since 2017. The Paint Alongs are comprised of four video demos in which I break down the painting process  from the planning stage to finishing touches. The goal is to simplify and slow down the pastel painting process. This allows artists of all levels to benefit. 
I am now making some of these Paint Along videos available to you as one complete video. This included PDF booklet provides you with the private video link as well as contains supporting photos and expanded information.
Usually the videos on my YouTube channel are under 30 minutes. This doesn't give me time to expand on each important step to my process. The Patreon Paint Along series allows me to slow down and spend time on each stage of the painting process. They have been a fun part of my silver tier on Patreon and I am excited to share one of my favorites with you. It is now available in my Etsy shop. The cost is $15 which includes the link to the private 1 hour 20 minute video and PDF booklet with supportive information including supply list and reference photo. 

The private video link is located inside the PDF booklet. Once you purchase the booklet on Etsy you will be able to download the PDF file. You can view this booklet on your device or print it. The video link is on the first page. 

The finished demo painting is on Canson Mi-Tientes burgundy paper. 

Here are a couple sample pages from the PDF booklet

Consider joining me on Patreon for access to all of the Paint Alongs and much more.

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