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Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Back to the Easel with Sunflowers!

           'Sunny Days'                12x12               pastel                  ©Karen Margulis        available $195

Wow! It has been almost a week since I painted and posted on my blog! It has been a crazy busy week. I had set aside the week to work with my online workshop students. That kept me busy. It was great fun and a success. Look for another opportunity to join another group soon! Not only was I busy with the workshop, My daughter and son-in-law moved into their new home. We spent lots of time packing....moving and unpacking with help from family! If that wasn't enough we found our dream camper and needed to pick it up and figure out where to park it while the driveway was being prepared. (the camper story is long and I will write about it soon) Whew!

I finally have a breather today and got back to the easel. I am working on a hydrangea painting on top of a failed still life. This week is Sunflower Week on Patreon so I painted some sunflowers before things got so busy including this 12x12 painting. You can see a video demo of this painting on my Patreon Page. It was a lot of fun to interpret a reference photo of a pitcher of flowers. My pitcher turned into a vase!

Below you can see the palette of pastels I used for the painting. It was the same palette that I used for my last pear post with a few additions of yellows and oranges. I will be using the same palette for a few more paintings this month!

 I hoepen to get back into a regular posting schedule and I will be sharing the news of the new camper soon!

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