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Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Fun with the Terry Ludwig Limited Edition Snowbirds Pastel Set

          'River Song'                    8x10          pastel               ©Karen Margulis      available $175

Recently someone asked me if I have every Terry Ludwig pastel set. I wish! I have a few favorites that I keep separate from my other pastels and take them out occasionally for a challenge. I use my own Floral Landscape signature set a lot. But I haven't treated myself to new Terry Ludwig pastels in two years! It was time. 

So when I got an email blast with this set of 30 pastels I was sold. I ordered the Snowbird set! This 30 piece set was inspired by the bird paintings of Wyoming artist Mike Beeman. I could tell it would be good for many pf my paintings and not just birds! I was right! I used the set to paint this landscape and the colors were perfect.   The set is on sale until November 6th. Here is the link:

I decided to do a watercolor underpainting first to give me a head start on the colors and values in my scene. I used an 8x10 piece of Luxe Archival sanded paper which I LOVE! I will be giving a more complete review of both the pastel set and the paper soon!


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