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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Marsh View Commission 18x36

Marsh View 18x36 pastel
I wish the photo of this painting showed the scale better. It is one of the largest pastels I have ever painted at 18x36 and it is much more striking in person. This is a commission I just finished for a family who is moving to Savannah. This is the view from their new home! How wonderful that would be. For this commission I did three small studies depicting different moods of the marsh and we settled on this for the larger painting. Since it is so big I mounted the Uart paper on matboard and did a watercolor underpainting. It was a lot of fun to work on!


Susannah said...

But where are the lucky ducks? Oh yeah, they are in the house, living with and seeing this painting every day! Karen, this takes my breath away. I'd probably need oxygen if I saw it in person at 18x36.

tj said...

Hi Karen, Your painting of the Marsh turned out wonderful! Your work is exclusive! Tami