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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Art Camp Fun...Van Gogh's Sunflowers

'Summer Joy'              12x12        acrylic on canvas    sold
Some of my fondest summer memories are the arts and crafts I did at camp. Art was the best part of camp for me so when I was asked to have a mini art camp for a few 10 year old girls I happily accepted.  Yesterday was our first day and we had a lot of fun.  The focus was using acrylic paints and mixing colors. We talked about Vincent Van Gogh and how he interpreted his sunflowers but in the end all of the paintings were totally unique and we decided they really did match each girls personality.  It was so much fun to see them have fun painting and sharing with one another.

Painting Sunflowers with Acrylics

We only had an hour so as much as I would like to teach how important the clean up is I decided to devote our time to creating. So I was left with quite a bit of paint which I decided to use for my own sunflower painting!  I felt like a kid piling on the thick paint!  Today we are talking about Degas and his dancers and we will be doing Monoprints! I can't wait!

Why not join us and take out some acrylics and paint some sunflowers.  Let yourself go and have fun. No pressure, just see what happens!

4 comments: said...

What a joyful gift you are giving these young people. Bless you!
I love the piece you did. Looking forward to seeing Degas.

Karen said...

Thank you Julie! We are having fun. We did the monoprints yesterday though they chose not to do ballet dancers. But learning the process was a lot of fun! I'll be posting more today!

Donna T said...

Gorgeous sunflowers Karen! It must be tons of fun working with those kids!

Karen said...

Yes Donna! It has been fun and I might consider doing some classes during the school year for children.