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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

When You Really Have to Downsize Art Supplies for Travel

'Desert Dancers'         9x12       pastel       ©Karen Margulis
available $165

I am loaded down for this trip! Since I am presenting two demos/seminars at IAPS this week I have to bring lots of goodies! I already shipped two boxes and I have 2 suitcases full of stuff. It's going to take me awhile to unpack and organize everything but it will be worth it. I am excited for the opportunity to share with my pastel friends at the convention!

But all of this stuff means that I had to limit my own personal art supplies for the trip. Sometimes we just don't have room for a big box of pastels when we travel. It is a challenge. Travel inspires and I always want to be ready to act on inspiration. That's where a sketchbook kit comes in handy!

The sketchbook kit I am taking to the convention

I have even managed to pare down my usual sketchbook kit. I have a small zippered pouch to hold the supplies. This pouch fits easily into my purse of backpack. Inside I am taking the following:

  • Small sketchbook. I love these sketchbooks by Handbook. They take a wet wash without buckling and they are not too expensive. 
  • A pencil sharpener with a cover. I am using a makeup pencil sharpener which is actually great of sharpening pastels. I got this one at the Dollar Tree.
  • A travel watercolor brush by DaVinci. I love this brush because it is a quality brush and it stays in great condition because the brush stores inside the handle. It isn't cheap but it is well worth it.
  • Another Water Pen/Brush to use for the graphite washes. This brush pen stores water in its barrel.
  • A very very compact watercolor set. I LOVE this little set that is the size of a business card. In fact it is a metal business card holder. It comes with empty pans so you can fill with your favorite watercolors.
These carefully selected supplies will allow me to create a variety of sketches from pencil, to pen and ink to watercolor. All in a very compact and easy to pack pouch. There is now no excuse not to create on the go!

I am headed to Albuquerque New Mexico today for the IAPS convention. I will do my best to blog from the convention and give you a day by day long as technology cooperates!


Linda Wagoner said...

I can't go but the next best thing is hearing about all the fun. Thank you, be safe.

Jo Castillo said...

Have fun and safe travels. I’m happy envious! It will be fun to share with you….. or you with us. Thanks.