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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Change Your Artwork for Fall ...Labor Day Flash Sale

'Glorious'          8x10          pastel          ©Karen Margulis
available in my etsy shop Labor Day Flash Sale

Wall space is limited in my home. I love to collect other artists work and well as display some of my own personal favorites. But I have run out of space. A solution occurred to me the other day. I was shopping and noticed that every store had their Autumn displays up. Every year there seems to be more and more autumn decor for the home.....wreaths, pillows, wall hangings and of course framed prints with a fall theme.  I was inspired.

I have some autumn paintings that would bring the fall season into my home. Why not just rotate the art on my walls for the season? Why purchase prints and cheap wooden plaques when I can display original art?  

I selected a few of my favorites and will hang them in a couple of soon as I feel the first cool breeze!  I decided to offer the other fall themed paintings in my etsy shop at a discount of 30% off. For a limited time discover these original paintings in my shop and consider adding one to your collection. Click here to visit my shop and find the sale paintings in the Labor Day Flash Sale section. No coupon needed. Sale prices are marked.

1 comment:

robertsloan2art said...

Oooh this is wonderful! And it's a good idea for more than one reason to rotate your personal art collection seasonally, including your own favorite pieces.

Your art will last better if it gets a seasonal rest. Even the most lightfast pigments may fade slowly over time. Seasonal rotation may mean your favorites last centuries longer than they otherwise would. Even the best framing choices with museum glass and professional sealing, you'd do better rearranging it and enjoying a change in the look of your home.

Also, there's the fun of annually going through rearranging what will hang and where. Your home can become a small museum or gallery. No amount of wall space is infinite. Even museums rotate their collections. When you do, that's an elegant effect you can enhance by switching out throws, pillows and other movable items to create seasonal themes.

I've got several good vases but had only one space where I could set one out for still life painting. So I constantly changed up which vase and what was in it. The space on the wall near it was also part of the still life and I frequently changed out what paintings or sketches were nearby, as they would reflect into the still life and affect it. That corner was always joyful, even if I didn't paint it.

Today's painting is fantastic, it's brimming with color and motion. Something I could easily get lost in for hours. But if I owned it, I'd put it away after a while and rediscover it again, annually, because that's like rereading a good book. I found different things to enjoy in every one of the paintings I bought or traded for and when they've been stored for a while, I see them with fresh eyes.

Thanks for a phenomenal sale! You rock, Karen.