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Sunday, July 04, 2021

Great News about this Blog!!

     'Sunshine in the Mountains'                9x12               pastel          ©Karen Margulis    available on Etsy 

If you've been getting Painting my World blog posts through e-mail, you might notice that something has changed with your email updates!

I am no longer using Feedburner to let you know of new posts.   Feedburner has been deactivated by Google. I have been requesting that you sign up for my new website. My intention was to start posting new blog content on my new website. The only problem is the new website does not allow for email notification of new posts! I am planning on consolidating posts into a monthly newsletter. I will still be doing this and I still would love for you to sign up for these newsletters on my new website at However I found a new service to provide email updates on THIS blog. So for the time being I will post to both blogs.

The new service is  

You may get an email to confirm your subscription. Please be sure to confirm that you wish to still receive this blog via email.  Once you confirm, you can go to the settings on the site to let it know how you want to receive the email.  The default is the email heading or snippet, once a day.  But you can also get summary posts, the full article, or just read it at rather than getting an e-mail.  

Please note that the free version of Follow it will have ads at the bottom of the email.   So, if you'd prefer to see the blog without the ads, etc., you can just bookmark my blog site and check it weekly. I am trying to post at least twice a week. 

I look forward to sharing with you both here on Painting my World and through my website blog! 

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