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Tuesday, March 08, 2022

New YouTube Video Demo:Capture the Glow of Sunset!

        'Sunset at the Fort'                  8x10             ©Karen Margulis                   pastel

You have an artistic license which mean you can interpret your reference photos however you’d like instead of copying them! In this video I share my secret for transforming a dull sunset photo into a painting that captures the warm light and glow of a sunset in the forest. Enjoy this quick 24 minute demo! Link to the video is below.
SUPPLY LIST 1. Multimedia Dartboard coated with tinted clear gesso 2. Art Graf Tailors block (black) 3. Terry Ludwig Floral Landscape pastel set 4. Misc. Nupastels and a few Sennelier pastels



Here is a close up of the beginning stages of the painting. You can see the rough texture of the gesso covered Multimedia Art board!


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