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Tuesday, August 09, 2022

New YouTube Video: The Secret to Beautiful Mark Making


Do you know the secret to beautiful pastel mark making? Do you know how to get those fat pastel sticks to make the marks that you want? It is all about the pressure we use....or the Touch!  In this video demo I share with you my way of thinking about the touch I use and how I vary the touch to get beautiful and effective marks. Click on the link below to go to the video on my Youtube channel.

I selected the subject for the video based on a question I asked on Facebook and Instagram. I have a bowl of pastel bits and pieces and I asked you what I should paint with the purple bits! I received some great answers including several requests for a lavender field! I am keeping the list for future demos! What else should I paint with these purple bits? Share your answers in the comments!

Here I am demonstrating a light touch. I call this whispering. I whisper so I can build up many layers of color without filling the tooth of the paper. When I want to emphasize an area and don't plan on adding more pastel to the area I use more pressure for a heavier touch. I call this shouting. Learning to regulate your touch and master the whisper, the shout and just regular conversation will help take your paintings to the next level!

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