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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Introducing My Brand NEW Pastel Masterclass: Expressive Pastel Painting: Loosen Up and Be More Bold

I can't believe it is happening! My first professional video has just been released! I remember how important painting DVD's  were in my early days of pastel painting. My friends and I would gather around the TV to watch the masters paint. Then we would hurry to the studio to try what we learned. These days we have YouTube and Patreon and other ways to learn online. But there is something wonderful about a full length professional Painting video. I am so proud of this video and the opportunity that Streamline publishing gave me to share the wonderful world of pastels with the world!

You can read all about the video at the links below. There is a lot of information about the video and how you can purchase it at the early release price. You have the choice of a digital copy or a physical DVD. 

Read about the video and then be sure to scroll down to see why it would be a good investment for you.


I know you might be thinking.....I am already a Patron and I watch you on YouTube. Why do I need this video? 

Think of the video as a complete course to the way I think and paint. You get bits and pieces in my patreon lessons and demos but in the video I put it all together in one place at one time.  I share in great detail my entire process to approaching a painting from the planning stages down to the finishing marks. It is a great introduction to my approach for those who are new to pastels or to my Patreon group and it is also a great review for those of you who have been with me for awhile! The introductory price is$107 for the physical DVD or  $97 for the streaming version.... an excellent value for the 3 hours of content! 

Here is the demo painting. In the video you will see the entire painting process from the planning to the underpainting to the finishing marks!

It was exciting to have the opportunity to put together this comprehensive lesson/demo in a professional studio! I missed Michael but I had a great crew and they did a great job making me look good! There were four cameras and lots of lights! It was quite an experience and I will share some of the behind the scenes stories in an upcoming post. 

Have a look at the video information in the link

 If you have ANY questions just let me know. 

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