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Friday, August 08, 2008

Nature's Treasure...nest painting

'Nature's Treasure' 16x20 pastel
Here is the finished nest painting I did for my newly updated kitchen. I have pictured a nest in that space and I love the color of robin's eggs so I think this will be just right for the space. It is always fun to paint a nest. I am trying to get some photos of the hawk family that is nesting in my yard. They seem to be very active early in the morning so I will try this weekend to be patient with my camera ready!


Donna T said...

This is beautiful, Karen! If you get tired of it in your kitchen you can send it to me. I'll wipe off the little specks of spaghetti sauce, no problem.

David Patterson said...

Your nests are always so wonderful Karen...very beautiful work!

Karen said...

Thank you Donna and David! I appreciate you stopping in and commenting. I really enjoy the nests which is why I am keeping this one for myself!

Roxanne Steed said...

This is such a knock-out with colors, textures, edges, just everything! So beautiful!!!